Rafael Navarro

To me photography is a medium.

A medium that allows me to speak when I cannot find the words.

A medium through which I explore my subconscious, bringing to the surface contents, hidden feelings.

A medium that allows me to create objects containing subtle values intelligible to others.

A medium that lets me breathe my freedom.

Born in 1940 in the city of Zaragoza, Rafael Navarro began his long artistic career the early seventies.

His work is a reflection of your inner world, where the obvious show has rarely been a target. The artist, who as an experienced teacher mastered the arcane art, often waives the motion control, the acutance, or rigorous mechanical accuracy that allows photography to leave open the eloquence of the form and must cross subjetivities which truly meet the work and the reader.

One of the constants in his extensive work is the importance that it exerts its fascination with nature, the human body free from the artifices of the garment, where a fold is another landscape mode or how cycles and times their way and leave their mark on a stone or a plant mass.

His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in national and international over 700 times and is part of relevant funding institutions worldwide. Among the hundreds of references and publications that collect their work should be noted books like Diptychs (1986), Le report of corpo (1997), Catalogue Raisonné 1975-1998 (2000), Do not disturb (2001), Photobolsillo 44 (2002), In the workshop Miró (2006), Light Bodies (2006) and most recently At the wrong time (2011). In recognition of his contribution to contemporary art, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of St. Louis, has awarded its incorporation as Academician.

Ángel Mª Fuentes