Rafael Navarro

To me, photography is a medium.

A medium that allows me to speak when I cannot find the words.

A medium through which I explore my subconscious, allowing contents and hidden feelings to surface.

A medium that allows me to create objects containing subtle values intelligible to others.

A medium that lets me breathe my freedom.

Rafael Navarro

Rafael Navarro was born in Zaragoza, Spain in 1940. He began his artistic career the early seventies.

Navarro’s photographic work is a reflection of his inner world, so his intentions for each image are rarely obvious or concrete. He often relinquishes control over this medium known for accuracy and mechanical precision by refusing to control the movement of his subjects. This exchange of power allows for the eloquence of the forms to emerge and for each viewer to bring their own subjectivity to the work.

In his over fifty-year career, Navarro has shown a constant fascination for nature. In his images the human body is freed from the constraints of clothing, offering an alternative kind of landscape, where a fold of skin is akin to the terrain of a rocky hillside. In his work, natural life cycles and time leave their mark on stones and vegetation.

Navarro’s work has been included in exhibitions at art galleries and museums around the world. Additionally, his photographs are held the collections of major institutions world -wide.

Navarro has received recognition for his contributions to contemporary art. He was awarded membership to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of St. Louis in 2010.

In 2013, he received the Aragón Goya Prize from the Government of Aragón.

Ángel Fuentes de Cía

Highlights from his extensive list of publications include, Dípticos (1986), Le forme del Corpo (1997), Catalogue Raisonné 1975-1998 (2000), Don’t disturb (2001), Photobolsillo 44 (2002), En el taller de Miró (2006), Cuerpos Iluminados (2006), Testigos (2010), A destiempo (2011), Elipsis (2015), Polifonías (2016), Mujeres soñadas (2018) and Arquitectura (2019).